Almost all trees have dropped their leaves. The days are getting shorter, it’s getting colder and we’re crawling under warmer blankets. The presents will be unwrapped again, cozy at the Christmas tree, together with the family. Just a little while longer and the champagne corks will pop from the bottle and the flares will shoot into the air again. It is time for?


First of all, I personally wish you all the best for 2019, both privately and professionally. For inspiration, I would like to take you to some personal and business resolutions that may be interesting for 2019. I am thinking of the following six:

Resolution 1: Take more rest and holiday

A good prospect for 2019, isn’t it? And if you do, you’ll be much more productive too! That was my unexpected personal experience in 2018.

Resolution 2: Become a more modern company

Because, modern companies attract better qualified personnel and therefore perform better. After all, you have to let top talent flourish. Because, “If you do what you did, you get what you got”. I described this tile wisdom in April 2018.

Resolution 3: Giving back to society

CSR, sustainable entrepreneurship and not just taking profit as the starting point. These are extremely topical matters and they are urgently needed. Cloudavenue did it with pleasure for the Food Bank in Katwijk. What will your company do in 2019?

Resolution 4: Respond faster to technological changes

In October, for example, we sounded the alarm for multiple ISDN ½ and multiple PSTN. Only 9 more months, then it will stop. Want to call each other? Now it is still possible.

Intention 5: Be more customer-friendly and customer-oriented

What will you do in 2019 for an even better customer experience? Being more customer-friendly and customer-oriented means that you have to have an overview of all the different channels through which customers communicate today. Would you like to make a good new start by bundling the various communication tools in one system ?

Resolution 6: Do not focus on technology, but above all on people

Many good intentions to work more efficiently, productively, more flexibly or cheaper fail because the employees are not sufficiently involved. We pour everything over them and working digitally does not bring convenience, but above all stress. Then technology becomes like a fairy tale . It seems nice on paper, but the truth is hard.

An invitation for 2019

2018 is almost over. But shall we have a conversation together to see what your New Year’s resolutions are? I look forward to it with great interest. Not to put them on paper one by one, but especially to do something about it! At sometime?

Cheers, happy holidays!

Wiecher Akkerman – Managing Partner

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