A good call center can do wonders for your company’s reputation, but a lot depends on the quality of the call agents and the tools they have to do their job. Customers with major problems are often satisfied if they are treated well. Callers with a relatively minor problem are often pleasantly surprised when an employee can help them immediately.

Because the demands that customers place on the service are increasing, it is advisable to regularly check whether your call center still meets the requirements. With the right use of modern technology, you can contribute to an optimal customer experience.

Flexibility and scalability

New call systems are very flexible and easy to adapt. This way you can more easily respond to busy or less busy periods or the changing demands of customers:
There are all kinds of systems with which you can measure the load on the call center over time and adjust your occupation accordingly.
With the right tools, you can intuitively set up the menu that calling customers have to go through to get to the right employee and fine-tune them further and further.
The technology stands for nothing: if the queue gets too high, you can also give people the opportunity to submit a callback request. That takes the pressure off your employees and customers don’t have to wait unnecessarily.

Always the right information at hand

If your employees provide good service, the customers will appreciate that and will spread the fire further: “that’s where you should be”. Conversely, the same is true: if customers start to get irritated by poorly informed employees, they stay away.

It is very important that employees have sufficient knowledge and information to handle incoming calls correctly. Most companies have all kinds of different systems that fragment information. For example, by integrating your CRM with your payment system, the call employee has a better idea of what is going on. As a result, he can respond more quickly to customer demand and handle incoming calls quickly and efficiently.

With the right tools, your employees do not always have the right customer and product information, but also guidelines about the process and options for linking the customer to the right department as quickly as possible where necessary.

Training and monitoring

Monitoring software is available to train employees and provide feedback. A senior employee or manager can use this to follow conversations live, give directions in the background and possibly even intervene in the conversation.

Phone calls are not only recorded for training purposes. This is also often done in the context of compliance and the burden of proof in case of problems.


Upgrading the call center yields a company much more than you might think at first sight: less waiting times, faster resolution times and more flexibility. The productivity of your employees improves by leaps and bounds. The customers feel taken seriously. The impact on your reputation is enormous. There is no better guarantee of smashing profit figures!

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