The combination of many new technologies and the large number of providers makes it a challenge for many organizations to know whether a good choice has been made prior to an IT investment. So what are the golden eggs that you can look out for to make a good IT investment?

“Technology x ICT supply = choice stress”

There are three golden eggs that I would like to bring to your attention:

1.Knowledge of business processes

Today it is much more about having the knowledge and expertise to understand the business processes. Representatives of ICT suppliers will have to be able to have a good conversation about the wishes and requirements of board members and line and department managers.

It is no longer about communicating bits & bytes, or transferring applications to another environment, but about determining the right solution for the customer and looking for new ways of working smarter together.

2.Expertise to bundle communication

Good communication is a basic condition, because without this all other projects fail. Today’s average employee has so many communication tools at their disposal that it is more productive and clear to seamlessly integrate e-mail, text, voice messaging with speech, audio, video conferencing and Web collaboration in one end-user interface. When choosing suppliers, it is all about constantly thinking along when new ways of communicating and collaborating with customers come onto the market.

3.Flexibility and strength

Which suppliers will be able to switch more quickly when it comes to innovation and new digital techniques? Probably not the supplier who is stuck with his or her product or service. The chance that a smaller organization is more effective increases at a time when digital business models are accelerating exponentially. Simply because smaller IT suppliers make decisions faster for solutions that are tailor-made for customers.

The mutual click is a condition

Personally, I believe there is something even more important; having a mutual ‘click’. That there is a willingness to really deepen, even in challenging or complex situations. Our expertise lies in the field of communication, where we always look at the process, the technology, but above all the people. Or the how, the what and in what way.

How, what, in what way…

Satisfaction with the ‘how’ determines the customer. For the ‘what’ we can make use of the knowledge and expertise of more than 200 ICT-related companies within the Cronos Group*.

How? I would be happy to explain this to you in a personal conversation.

Wiecher Akkerman

*CloudAvenue is part of the Cronos group and has as a starting point never to say “no” to any IT related question.

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