Do you still have a single or multiple ISDN connection for your telephony? Then now is the time to take action. KPN has officially indicated that in a few months, namely September 1, 2019, they will stop offering single and multiple ISDN ½ and multiple PSTN. What does that mean?

High cost

On the internet forum of the TV program Avrotros Radar there is already a heated discussion whether you as an ISDN user will not be charged high costs. It is clear that something has to be done, but what are you going to do? An alternative is that you wait until the last minute and your existing telephone exchange is suddenly converted. A better alternative is to anticipate what’s to come; take control yourself and already benefit from the latest technology in the field of VoIP.

What is the alternative?

Most modern telephone exchanges work with SIP, the Session Initiation Protocol. This allows you to communicate with anyone in any way you want from anywhere and on any device. So it can be a simple phone call, but it can also be a video conference with a group of people. Whether you do this with your smartphone while on the road, a tablet at home or a digital board in the meeting room, no longer matters.

Profit now!

Because why wait if you can already greatly improve customer communication and internal communication? Incoming (telephone) messages are intelligently sent to the right person, for example if the reception is not available. You can use chat and skype to collaborate much faster with both internal and external customers. You can choose to call with telephones with modern displays, or call without telephones through soft clients in the form of laptops and headsets.

Who to choose?

Of course you decide that yourself. Fortunately, there are no more monopoly positions and there is now freedom of choice. What we promise is that Unified Communications and VoIP are part of our core activities. We are not an organization where the call employee only gives standard answers about standard solutions. We love customization and being able to move along. Because we believe that good communication makes your company more productive and takes it a big step further.

The days of autumn have arrived, also for ISDN. We are happy to help you make a sunny choice from solutions from various partners with whom we work. Because we like flexibility and alternatives.

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