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CloudAvenue helps you draw up a clear strategy for the cloud.

What we have learned from recent years is that online (collaborative) working is taking on a more prominent role.

To ensure that online communication runs smoothly, you naturally need the right equipment. CloudAvenue provides a tailor-made solution to ensure that collaboration and communication run smoothly.

Unified Communications (UC)

With all those means of communication, it is sometimes difficult to keep an eye on all your messages. With Unified Communications you can connect all your communication tools. All your messages end up in one place.

Fixed and Mobile (VaMo) telephony integrated

Many organizations use both landline and mobile numbers. Wouldn’t it be helpful if these calls and messages came in at the same place? Wherever you are? This is possible with our Fixed-Mobile integration. The end of ISDN is a reason for many organizations to switch to it.

Receptionist module

Do you want to have your calls answered personally, but you don’t have a receptionist at home? With a receptionist module you can automatically transfer callers to an extension.

VoIP telephony

The traditional analog telephone line and ISDN are almost a thing of the past. Calling via the internet is now common practice. Because you call via your internet connection, it is much cheaper. Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony also offers many more convenient digital capabilities. It increases the efficiency and productivity of employees and improves collaboration between employees and departments.

Working from home, collaborative working and online meetings

You no longer have to leave the house to collaborate with your colleagues and for meetings. In an online environment you can also easily share presentations and documents, wherever you or your colleagues are in the world.

SIP Trunking

Do you still have a traditional telephone exchange? You will (soon) no longer be able to use this, because ISDN will stop. But don’t worry: with a SIP trunk you can link your telephone exchange to modern digital VoIP telephony. Very simple and affordable!

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