That would be nice. People who say that about your company. But is that true? The start of the new year seemed like a good time to think about this. Just to let you look at daily customer contact in a different way, based on three recognizable practical examples:

Example 1

“Wait a moment please, I’m going to look for the right person.” That can just be an answer if you contact a company. After a few minutes of waiting you will receive the message that they are ‘not sure’ whether the person in question is also in the house. The receptionist may have such a customer-friendly voice, but it is not customer-oriented. Yet it still happens often enough.

Example 2

“What did you say? You have contacted us about this before. Unfortunately I can’t find anything about this.” This example has probably happened to you too. There is a good chance that you will have to tell your story again with reasonable frustration. Not customer-friendly, certainly not customer-oriented. Apparently this company doesn’t keep track of what has been discussed before and I don’t seem important to them.

Example 3

“Of course, I’ll put you through to his mo…” . Have you ever had to call the company again because something went wrong with the transfer and you couldn’t even understand the word ‘mobile’? We all remain human beings, customer-oriented to forward to a personal mobile number, but not really customer-friendly. tut, tut, tut…

This will never happen to you

Because you know who is in the house and if the right person is not there, it automatically switches to a smartphone. When someone calls, a link is automatically made with the CRM system and you know exactly what has been agreed before, right? If not, now might be the time to explore more customer-friendly and customer-centric systems. Maybe do something with hosted VoIP now that KPN has decided to stop ISDN in September 2019?

Customer focus and customer friendliness is what we like to help with

Our goal is for customers to find your company customer-friendly and customer-oriented. Because then there will probably be a lot of new ones in 2019. We have the technology, such as VoIP, chat, mobile integration and Call Center solutions. Not from one but from many different suppliers, because then there is a lot to choose from and you get something that suits you. But what is much more important is that you can only be customer-oriented and customer-friendly if you take that one extra step that the customer does not expect. “So, they are customer-oriented and customer-friendly, wow!” you can only achieve this if you do more than just supply the technology. If you wish, read this additional blog to find out how we can achieve this together.

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