On Thursday March 16, Cloud Avenue was named Most Innovative Partner by business partner ScanSource. Wiecher Akkerman, Managing Partner of Cloud Avenue, received the award during a major event. A great honor!

ScanSource Communications

For years we have partnered with ScanSource Communications, a leading provider of technology products and solutions. The company operates internationally and collaborates with thousands of partners worldwide. On Thursday March 16, the large ScanSource Goes Cloud Partner Event for the Benelux took place in Houten.

The Big Day

The program included all kinds of interesting lectures about new developments, products and services in our field. There was also every opportunity to network and catch up with old acquaintances. Last but not least, the annual presentation of the ScanSource Awards was on the program. These were awarded in three categories: the most selling partner, the best newcomer and the most innovative partner.

We were the winner in the third category!

Why Cloud Avenue?

At Cloud Avenue we have an idea why we received the prize. We clearly do it differently from other companies. We want to resell more than one to one products and are always looking for ways to link products or services together to create a new, integrated end solution.

Better service through smart innovation

A good example of this is a project we did for a major client in Maastricht. a call center that serves all countries of Europe. In order to improve their service, we have ensured that all incoming calls via number recognition are immediately forwarded to the right employee. If someone calls from Norway, the call will automatically go to an employee who speaks Norwegian. If this is not available, the call goes to a Swedish-speaking colleague. As a result, calls can be handled faster and the chance of miscommunication is reduced.

Specialized in innovative, usable solutions

Such call center software cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Cloud Avenue has realized this solution by linking products from two different suppliers. We have a dedicated Research and Development team that specializes in these types of innovative applications, actionable solutions that really make a difference.

Doing well!

At Cloud Avenue we are very pleased that our innovative way of working is also gaining more and more appreciation among colleagues. For us, the award is yet another proof that we are doing a good job. Moreover, it is an extra motivation to continue to focus on new, innovative projects. After all, we have a reputation to uphold!

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