It’s something we didn’t think of beforehand, but turned out to be a huge eye-opener; the well-known 1+1=3 can really be true. How you can deliver a much more complete solution together with another party and really achieve a superlative for the customer. What happened?

Here’s what I’d like to share with you:

A business opportunity from an unexpected angle

A few months ago, we came into contact with the company with an outdated telephone system. They had read one of our blogs, entered into a non-binding conversation with us and we then made an extensive inventory. The situation; the support from the current supplier was insufficient and the solution they offered was not what matched their needs. We were able to offer the desired alternative from our wide range and that is why we received the order for the new telephony systems.

However, it turned out that it was not this delivered solution, but something else, the superlative. That insight came later, when we discussed the experiences with the customer a few weeks after delivery and started answering the first questions after use. We always do this after an implementation.

There appeared to be two major challenges:

Challenge 1: The lack of a clear communication policy

This was a company that has as many incoming calls as possible handled by a central receptionist. When transferring to colleagues’ mobile phones, the voicemail was switched on in one case, but not in the other. It is technically possible to switch the voicemail on or off from one central location, but then a policy must be formulated. The different voicemail messages were also quite diverse. In short, it became clear that there was no clear communication policy.

Challenge 2: Corporate communication had not received attention for years

The longer we talked, the more we found out that for years nothing had been done about good communication training. Think of questions such as:

• No one picks up, what will the customer hear?

• What information does the customer want to hear on a voicemail?

• What is the desired opening sentence when you answer?

• What exactly do you say when transferring and how do you briefly inform your colleague in question?

• How do colleagues know your availability and how do you adjust it?

Because there was no proper training on the way in which employees of the company should communicate professionally with customers, anything was possible and, above all, there was no uniformity.

The superlative where 1+1 is three

The Learnia organization is also active within the Cronos group, of which we are a part. They strengthen employees of organizations in the field of software knowledge, but also in personal skills and guide complete change processes. Through them we were able to help the customer with a good communication policy and provide the right training for the employees. The Cronos Group’s philosophy is to reinforce each other for the benefit of the customer, whereby each member retains its own competence.

One and one is not two, but above all ‘never no’. In this way we have delivered a total solution for business communication from Cloudavenue, in which technology and employees have been brought together.

Also fancy a 1+1+3?

Just submit the IT-related problem and I’ll be happy to work for you or do research to find the people with the right expertise for your problem.

Wiecher Akkerman

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