Business communication is more challenging and complex than ever. Communicating with customers takes place over various channels in many different ways via e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp and much more. But there is also a traditional way of communicating that the IT department has often been given the additional task of Facility Management. A task that may not belong there at all. What is that?

Customers are still talking

A lot of contact with customers is still done by telephone. Despite the fact that customers are sometimes told to ‘just wait a moment’, customers appreciate this personal contact and the threshold is low to pick up the phone or smartphone. At the time when “Voice over IP” entered the world of telephony systems, the task of telephony management suddenly fell to IT management. But is the IT department really waiting for that?

Telephony, ‘that’s another cook’

Just to use a famous statement from a great football coach. If you really want your organization to be well and professionally accessible and for employees to communicate correctly and in a customer-friendly way, then that means a task that involves quite a bit. Something I also described in my previous blog . Telephony is something that simply has to be there, but which can cost you a lot of time and is less simple than it initially seems.

It could be easier

Hosted telephony is the solution for this, with all the advantages of the cloud, so that you no longer have the costs of management, investments in server rooms and having the right bandwidth. In addition, you can scale up at any time if necessary, you receive automatic updates and you leave the knowledge and expertise to a service integrator for whom this is daily work.

One-stop-shop for hosted telephony

Together with Avaya, a renowned supplier of telephone systems and telecom provider oneCentral, CloudAvenue offers a turnkey hosted telephony solution. An additional advantage is the speed of delivery, because the entire solution is delivered through one distribution channel. We do the process design; CloudAvenue locally tailors all wishes together with you, such as the accessibility of the telephone reception, the desired upscaling, linking the telephony to CRM systems and all that sort of thing.


The irony is that the outsourcing of hosted telephony leaves a lot of time for IT to really talk to internal and external customers. After all, it is less and less about ‘the operation’, but more and more about being able to think along strategically.

Fancy a good conversation?

I would like to introduce you to our hosted telephony solution. You can call.

Wiecher Akkerman, Managing Partner

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