Any form of customer contact contains valuable data that can be used immediately or at a later time. But is everything recorded and do you remember later, for example, what emotion the customer had at that moment? There are probably plenty of colleagues who take daily notes on paper that end up in the trash later that day. Perhaps because it seemed unimportant. That can be different!

Data capture as a customer binder

By applying smart and automated customer contact, every customer contact is recorded. When the customer contacts them again, companies that capture everything will be able to respond much more professionally by applying automated intelligence. With optimal customer loyalty as a result. After all, all previous customer conversations with the associated agreements are always clear on the other end of the line.

Computers are smarter at assessing customer data

So how does automated intelligence work in favor of customer contact today? In the progressive digital world, speech is simply converted into written text, ie data. The computer is smarter than the human brain and detects patterns in the customer’s emotion. In addition, intelligent recognition is applied to words. So the customer says “Amsterdam” to a travel agency agent and the available hotels are already found on Google. That basically means that completely automated workflows are possible for even better customer experiences.

It can be even smarter

Because every customer contact is recorded, patterns are automatically discovered. For example, what are the most questions about or what trends can be observed in our industry at the moment? Even smarter also means that the automated customer data flows back to the CRM system and can be used by anyone to improve the business. Think of sales, marketing and development departments. How often do account managers forget to put notes or appointments in the CRM system? Smartly automated customer contact therefore provides an extremely broad insight into all customer data.

Do you really want to know what is going on with customers?

When writing this blog, I was inspired by a recent appealing video from our business partner AVAYA. It is about the topic “Conversational Intelligence”. If you click on the video here , I hope you are as convinced as I am and get in touch . Because this Cloud solution can be integrated into any conceivable environment and I would be happy to update you on many other developments in the field of customer contact.

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