There are two important phenomena that everyone recognizes; first of all, that customers communicate with you in many more ways than ever and vice versa. Secondly, it is quite a challenge to determine what is the right form to work together both internally and externally. This often results in unnecessary work pressure and can be done much smarter and more effectively:

Unified Communications: The smart technology is here

To prevent you from becoming a ‘hotel debotel’ from all those different messages, such as text messages, voice messages, WhatsApp, video messages and e-mail, it is important, as with many smart systems, that you understand everything that has to do with communication. centralizes in one environment. That makes your work a lot easier and clearer. We are talking about Unified Communications solutions from various large partners that we offer to our customers.

Two practical examples of Unified Communications solutions

A customer service department, which must ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction, will have to have up-to-date insight into what is going on with the customer and must know what has been discussed. Separate applications slow down the process to optimally serve the customer. We build smart solutions that allow the helpdesk to answer in multiple languages and that speech, WhatsApp, live chat and chatbots are all in one central application. Of course also with links to the relevant CRM system.

The second example: We also make such a solution for sales departments. For example to guide a bell campaign. Account managers do not have to dial telephone numbers because the system itself calls as soon as the line is free. Practical and above all productive.

Simpler and clearer communication is mainly achieved by using the right technology. Smarter communication and thinking about the right form is mainly about ourselves:

The form of communication

This has mainly to do with the people themselves, because the correct form is not always used in a smart way. A simple example to illustrate this: Ever received an email with only one important question? A quick call would have yielded an immediate response. If you manage to use the right form of communication in a smart way, you will achieve interesting cost-saving results and faster answers.

A smart practical example in the field of design

For an international design team, from an organization that markets complex equipment, we developed an online collaboration tool in which video plays a major role. Firstly, a saving of 75% on the costs of airline tickets has been achieved and, secondly, products are now coming onto the market more quickly. Cost savings and smarter working, because the design team works live with these video and collaboration tools and can show designs to each other. Something that is simply not possible with telephone or email.


  1. Bundle the different communication tools in one system. This provides an overview, peace of mind and benefits both internal and external customer satisfaction.
  2. Think about which form of communication will solve your problems the fastest. As an example, ‘a voice’ or ‘a face’ is still important in mutual creative collaborations. It is not without reason that chatbots that resemble people and have a name are the most successful.

Wiecher Akkerman, Managing Partner

CloudAvenue is part of the Cronos Group and has as a starting point never to say “no” to any communication-related question.

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