They are the people who are willing to do something for others from their heart; the volunteers of the various food banks in the Netherlands. Fantastic work, where everything stands or falls with the efforts of others, but above all with good communication. Therein lay the challenge, because the Food Bank in Katwijk could not afford to ‘not respond’ to people who want to help if necessary. What was the problem?

The challenge, rather ‘do’ than wait for phone calls

The general telephone number of the food bank in Katwijk must always be reachable by telephone. A permanent volunteer as a telephone operator or operator at a telephone reception desk was not a desirable solution. After all, there is so much work to be done that has a higher priority. True proactive helping is in the genes of volunteers rather than passively waiting for help from the other end of the line. Almost all volunteers have a smartphone, but the numbers are private and unknown to people who support the Food Bank.

The solution

A Telephone Responder system. During working hours everyone still calls the general number, but in the background the Telephone Responder System automatically transfers to the mobile number of the currently available volunteers. Volunteers who are not there can switch off their personal mobile number on the Telephone Responder system, which automatically reconnects to the general number.

After working hours, everyone who calls is automatically notified that they can be reached via The times at which donations can be made and a reference to the website are made clear by a friendly voice.

Always in touch – not responding, no longer exists!

The Katwijk food bank is more accessible than ever, to be able to continue to carry out all that beautiful, necessary work in a professional manner. Communication is a crucial subject in this regard. Opportunities for help should never be missed and with that in mind Cloudavenue has delivered this project selflessly.

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