There is a good chance that you start your working day by checking your mail and your agenda. You will probably then work on some documents and open one or more browsers to look in the system or look up something on the internet. You chat with colleagues and hold consultations, face-to-face or on video. In between, you handle some phone calls.

Where was I again?

Before you know it, you’re switching back and forth between all kinds of different browsers, documents and applications. Recognizable?

All those new communication tools are very useful in themselves, but they don’t make your work environment any clearer. That is why it is wise to bundle the tools in a user-friendly web-based platform. This allows you to email, phone, chat, skype, collaborate or whatever you want from one central place, securely and easily.

Working in a central place

Bringing all the different communication and collaboration tools together in one platform provides you with a lot of convenience. The fewer screens you have to keep an eye on, the more overview you have. By integrating voice, video, messaging and other tools, you get an efficient, professional working environment in which you can easily find your way. The advantages? Better communication, smarter collaboration and your productivity will skyrocket!

Everyone has their own taste

Setting up a central platform on which you can use all your communication and collaboration tools is always tailor-made. What the solution will look like differs per company. If you have a number of permanent employees in a permanent place, then the question is, for example, whether collaboration tooling is necessary. Mail, a chat function, telephone and video conferencing may suffice to be able to consult with customers.

If you have teams at multiple locations or external partners you work with, collaboration tools are really handy. It just depends on what your organization looks like and what your wishes are.

make it easy on yourself

Communication and Collaboration Tools are here to make your life easier. Not to burden you with extra work or to overload you with even more applications, interfaces or information. Our advice: don’t be fooled. See what you actually need to do your work and make sure you can access that functionality from a central location. You will do yourself and your company a great favor with this!

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