About us

About us

The perfect partner for management, advice and construction of (advanced) ICT infrastructures

The core business of CloudAvenue is advising and implementing professional solutions, specially adapted to the needs of our business customers (B2B). We provide high-quality solutions for business fixed and mobile communications.


Total solution with knowledge of every niche

An essential feature of our approach is that, thanks to our extensive knowledge, we always keep the total solution in mind. We are proud of the niche knowledge that our various experts have built up. We stand out in the way we bring this diverse knowledge together to optimize complex interactions between systems.

Advice, construction, hardware and software

We are also the perfect partner if you are looking for a specific solution for management, advice and construction of (advanced) ICT infrastructures. We have experienced professionals in-house and relationships with the best hardware and software suppliers of any brand.

CloudAvenue is part
of Cronos Groep NV

We work for all sectors in the business market, with a strong focus on industry, government, healthcare and education in many countries in Europe, but also beyond.

As part of the Cronos Group, as a bonus, you get to add the expertise in other areas from 8,000+ IT experts within the group’s sister companies. As a result, we have expertise in every conceivable IT area and we can (also) offer total solutions: one-stop-shopping!

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