All those tools are useful, but where do you start?


There is a good chance that you start your working day by checking your mail and your agenda. You will probably then work on some documents and open one or more browsers to look in the system or look up something on the internet. You chat with colleagues and hold consultations, face-to-face or on video. […]

Winter, it’s time for…

Almost all trees have dropped their leaves. The days are getting shorter, it’s getting colder and we’re crawling under warmer blankets. The presents will be unwrapped again, cozy at the Christmas tree, together with the family. Just a little while longer and the champagne corks will pop from the bottle and the flares will shoot […]

From complex to simple, smart communication

There are two important phenomena that everyone recognizes; first of all, that customers communicate with you in many more ways than ever and vice versa. Secondly, it is quite a challenge to determine what is the right form to work together both internally and externally. This often results in unnecessary work pressure and can be […]

What does tile wisdom have to do with the cloud?

What does tile wisdom have to do with the cloud?

Years ago I was given a wise saying on a tile as a gift. I could not have imagined at the time that the text would acquire so much meaning. It has to do with change, where you want to be innovative but the outcome is different. What did it say? “If you do what […]

Proud of the Most Innovating Partner award!


On Thursday March 16, Cloud Avenue was named Most Innovative Partner by business partner ScanSource. Wiecher Akkerman, Managing Partner of Cloud Avenue, received the award during a major event. A great honor! ScanSource Communications For years we have partnered with ScanSource Communications, a leading provider of technology products and solutions. The company operates internationally and […]

Top talent flourishes thanks to modern IT tools

Do you use all the available talent of colleagues or does it remain hidden? This article is for anyone who has doubts about whether all the brilliant ideas are being brought in. After all, it is a shame if you do not use the available knowledge and expertise that is already in-house to the full […]

“Always in contact” for the Food Bank in Katwijk

They are the people who are willing to do something for others from their heart; the volunteers of the various food banks in the Netherlands. Fantastic work, where everything stands or falls with the efforts of others, but above all with good communication. Therein lay the challenge, because the Food Bank in Katwijk could not […]

How to lay the foundation for a customer-oriented company

Wat heeft tegeltjeswijsheid met de cloud te maken?

A good customer experience does not come out of the blue. It starts with structuring your company in an efficient, customer-oriented way. To ensure that your employees can optimally serve customers, they must be able to respond well to the expectations and requirements of the customer. This is only possible with the right processes and […]

Keep IT in-house or invest externally. What will it be?

Wat heeft tegeltjeswijsheid met de cloud te maken?

Many companies are overwhelmed by all the stories that come at them about the cloud: being able to log in to the work environment anytime and anywhere, lower costs and more flexibility. Who doesn’t want that? It all seems so nice, but there are still many companies that run their software on their own servers […]

Time to upgrade the call center

A good call center can do wonders for your company’s reputation, but a lot depends on the quality of the call agents and the tools they have to do their job. Customers with major problems are often satisfied if they are treated well. Callers with a relatively minor problem are often pleasantly surprised when an […]