The VoIP fairytale, fiction or reality?

Once upon a time there were two independent departments in one office space. Although they operated separately from each other, they sometimes helped each other. In their absence, they picked up each other’s incoming messages in good consultation. Then an IT manager came and devised a new VoIP system. If no one was present in […]

Is talking with customers part of IT?


Business communication is more challenging and complex than ever. Communicating with customers takes place over various channels in many different ways via e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp and much more. But there is also a traditional way of communicating that the IT department has often been given the additional task of Facility Management. A task that may […]

How smart and automated is your customer contact?

Any form of customer contact contains valuable data that can be used immediately or at a later time. But is everything recorded and do you remember later, for example, what emotion the customer had at that moment? There are probably plenty of colleagues who take daily notes on paper that end up in the trash […]

Six steps to a satisfied customer

Wat heeft tegeltjeswijsheid met de cloud te maken?

Customer satisfaction is a good indicator of the success of your company. The happier the customer, the more likely they are to come back. However, do not underestimate the role of the employees in this. If they are satisfied, they can do their work with a lot of energy and commitment. The road to satisfied […]

Practical case – Total solution for business communication

Cloud-Avenue-Practical Case–Total solution-for-business communication

It’s something we didn’t think of beforehand, but turned out to be a huge eye-opener; the well-known 1+1=3 can really be true. How you can deliver a much more complete solution together with another party and really achieve a superlative for the customer. What happened? Here’s what I’d like to share with you: A business […]


Do you still have a single or multiple ISDN connection for your telephony? Then now is the time to take action. KPN has officially indicated that in a few months, namely September 1, 2019, they will stop offering single and multiple ISDN ½ and multiple PSTN. What does that mean? High cost On the internet […]

9 tips for a successful online meeting

Online meetings are very convenient because they cost less time and money. With a stable broadband connection, communication software and login codes you can consult with each other anywhere and at any time. Without travel time, petrol costs or piles of paper. However, organizing productive online meetings requires more than technology. That is why we […]

“So, they are customer-oriented and customer-friendly!”

That would be nice. People who say that about your company. But is that true? The start of the new year seemed like a good time to think about this. Just to let you look at daily customer contact in a different way, based on three recognizable practical examples: Example 1 “Wait a moment please, […]

There is a lot to learn from the holidays!

I could never have imagined that it would open my eyes like that. After the holidays I have come to the conclusion that something very strange is going on when we all suddenly go back to work. I will already reveal that the productivity of your organization can increase alarmingly. What is the learning moment? […]

The golden eggs of an ICT investment

The golden eggs of an ICT investment

The combination of many new technologies and the large number of providers makes it a challenge for many organizations to know whether a good choice has been made prior to an IT investment. So what are the golden eggs that you can look out for to make a good IT investment? “Technology x ICT supply […]